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05 Feb 2008 // software

How I take advantage of a low perf proc to perform tasks in background. This software is just awesome: simple, straightforward, practical. This is how I use it:

I have a small box (kurobox) with little power, little memory, little everything, except the hard drive, which is BIG. I often connect to it from the internet to perform various tasks and sometimes these tasks take several hours of processor usage. Screen enables me to disconnect, shut down my laptop and reconnect later. I can compile, copy batches of files etc... without having the client (my laptop for instance) on all the time through. Simply with this:

apt-get install screen    #install
screen                           #start a screen
#do stuff
Ctrl+a d                        #disconnect from screen
#disconnect from the server
#reconnect to the server
screen -r                       #reconnect to the screen
#do stuff again

Have it a try!