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Cv editing is really a pain

29 Feb 2008 // projects

In this previous post, I exposed a set of scripts to produce resumes in html and pdf. I have showed the pdf output around and gathered some comments and advice. Turned out that the structure of the cv could be tuned to reflect my experience more accurately. It opened my eyes on the drawbacks of the dtd - xml approach for cvs: While it is really practical to change the contents, the structure is not flexible at all. Or if you want to make it flexible, it has to be more complicated. Or you have to have tools to make it easy.

See, it is the exact opposite of word documents:

word vs. xml dtd

  • no logical structure at all / logically structured
  • hard to maintain and deploy / easy to maintain and deploy (html, pdf, french, english all in sync)
  • easy to change the visual aspect / hard to change visual aspect.

For example: I had this structure:

Work experience / Experience / Company, Other element.

That supposed I had to specify the company for each experience. What if I want to describe 2 experiences in the same company. I have to make it:

Work experience / Company / Experience.

And adjust the html and pdf outputs accordingly.

Anyways, this version of cvmaker tries to be more generic to handle the case above. It could tidy it up and make it smarter but arf... maybe the next version.