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Founders at Work: great book

17 Mar 2008 // geek


I am currently reading an excellent book about entrepreneurs in the hardware and software industry. The book is called founders at work, it is a collection of interviews of the people who built and are still building what we now take for granted: computers, emails, internet. This book in fascinating because you get to see behind the curtain, the founders share their personal experience and give insights. They are stories of craftsmanship, of hard work, of faith, of passion. What is striking among all these stories is the faith these people have in what they are doing, and above all in what they can accomplish. They do not fear the future, they just throw their lives in a project because they believe in it.

This book gives humanity to the computer world, it reminds us that it is above all a story of men and women trying to produce something useful and valuable. You can really feel the violence of the feelings they had to go through: exhaustion of long waking hours, excitement of success, pride of going public, doubt.

If you ever tried to invent things, if you have ever thought of starting something on your own, if you are interested in innovation and business at its essence, you must read this book.