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GPS logging newbie

20 Apr 2008 // geek

I bought this electronic gadget on ebay to grow my collection of "toys", it is a gps data logger. I still didn't have time to tinker with it a lot, but I am really excited to play with this new toy.


Applications are thrilling: I'll be able to geotag my photos, post them on the net, I'll be able to share my trips, places I went. I'll be able to play back my track in google earth. I can think of countless applications:

  • analyse your driving profile regarding safety
  • analyse and compare your ecological impact given the frequency, the length of your trips. You can mix that up with your means of transport.
  • you could come up with interesting numbers like the total distance you made by feet, by car, by plane. The energy you burnt while doing sport.

This is my skiing track on March 17th this year.

Val D’Isere track

And if you zoom, you can even see the turns:


On the technical side, being a Linux user, I am really pleased to see that 2 wonderful programs will be real helpful:

  • mtkabel: extract data from and configure the data logger.
  • gpsbabel: convert, filter, manipulate different gps file formats. Converts from gpx to kml for instance.

Yum yum yum...