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Lltag: Interactive command line mp3 tagging

23 Jul 2008 // software

I am trying to build a personal music warehouse from various sources, my CDs, borrowed CDs, collected mp3s and so on. This project, once achieved, will make my life sound much better as I'll have my music available to my listening both in house and outside thanks to my kurobox hardware. One of the aspects of this project is getting correctly tagged music.

lltag --cddb --rename "%n - %t" *.mp3

is THE command line. Lltag is an interactive command line utility that you can invoke as above. Here I am telling lltag to use cddb to fetch the information and then to rename the tagged mp3 files according to the scheme "Track number - Song title". Then the program asks you for keywords and works like google: you can type the artist's name or the album's title and you get a list of artists/albums from which you can choose. You have a real helpful help menu. With some practise, it takes no more than 30 seconds to tag an album.

I prefer this tool to easytag because easytag finds cds based on an id computed from the length of songs. And sometimes the ripping program is 1 second off. Hence the id is not valid, hence you cannot tag your album.

So overall I think lltag works better and is perfectly suited to tagging ripped cds.

Have it a try!