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First steps as a webmaster

02 Jan 2010 // projects

I have been a member of my current tennis club for about 3 years. 2 and a half years ago, another member and I decided that the website needed a little fresh air. We needed something to communicate with the members and something to show the club's inner life, something easy to update. The two of us started out looking for solutions and finally settled on a spip system. Yeah yeah... I know, it might not be the most up to date, blooding edge technology but it sure works really well. It relies on php and mysql which make it a perfect fit with our current web hosting service and I wanted something stable, well documented, easy to custumize and maintain.

My colleague focused on the contents and handled the integration, customization, html hacking part. The result is at

  • Events are done with Agenda 2.0
  • The design is based on Multiflex 3, with some custom squeletons
  • Images display smoothly with  Fancybox
  • Email alerts and RSS are provided by Feedburner, which I added very recently.

Screenshot of