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I migrated from wordpress to jekyll

20 Oct 2013 // projects

It has been a month since I first considered migrating my blog from wordpress to jekyll. The reason was I needed something more flexible than a blog engine to publish stuff on this site.
The concept of jekyll – html generation – first seemed a bit outdated and amateur to me.

Then I thought about the process of Jekyll:

  • Write posts in a text editor. Anyway, I have always started writing things in a text editor.
  • Compile.
  • Send via ftp.
    Simple, fast, convenient.

Then I thought about the advantages of not relying on a blog engine at runtime: exit upgrades, security fixes, database backups.

Then I saw the power of the templating engine and the intelligence of it:

  • this is based on best of breed ideas and existing software or conventions
  • you remain in full control of the design: html, css are in your hands: keep it as simple or complicated as you want it. No meta framework, with customization for newbie – select your theme, choose your colors bullshit.
  • if you want to include third party html or tools, so be it. No plugin, no nothing, these are just static pages: do what you want with them. I actually happen to have a tool that generates my cv in html and pdf from an xml document and I could perfectly blend it into my site. Now if I want to do something else with my site, other than blogging, no problem, the templating engine will provide for that like no other blogging engine would.

Really, go Jekyll GO!