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Some of my code is online, at last!

20 Aug 2014 // projects

Here it is, at last, I finally managed to get a page online with a reference to personal code projects.
I published on bitbucket, partly not to use github (everyone does github, I am not a sheep meehhhh!), partly because I already learnt the basics of mercurial.
So I published :

  • Othello: A project I did for school back in 2004, it is a game of Othello you can play against an AI.
  • Kipit: A bash script I use everyday for backuping my laptop
  • MusicUtil: A set of scripts that helped me build my music collection (yeah I know, sooo 2000, when you can use spotify and all)
  • CvMaker: The xslt programs (and corresponding xml dtd) that I have been using to maintain my cv for 5+ years.

Maybe more to come if I manage to find time to build something else and more importantly if this something else proves to be of any use.