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I have become a Microstrategy fan!

29 Aug 2015 // projects

Last year around May I joined another BI consulting company (Keyrus) and I have been involved in Microstrategy technologies and projects since then. For someone like me who has a deep interest in BI and a significant (almost 10 years… time goes by…) experience in this industry, Microstrategy really occupies a special place in the vendors landscapes, from a technological standpoint. They are the ones how have the most sophisticated SQL generation engine, and a really strong modeling infrastructure to support that. When you come from a technical background like me, and if you like clean implementation with clear design, you cannot be indifferent to Microstrategy technologies.
I am not discussing the merits and drawbacks of this tool compared to others from a user or corporate client standpoint, I just want to point out that when you are an engineer with an interest in BI technical best practices, studying Microstrategy is very interesting because they have there own – clever – way of solving the various challenges of BI implementation. And you can learn a lot from that. I really think it makes me a better BI professional in general, not only Microstrategy wise.
Anyway, this is what I did and I obtained the MCEP certification lastly.