Thibaut Wdowiak's code projects



CvMaker is a set of xslt programs to generate html and pdf cvs from an xml model.
Tech: xml, xslt, fop


Kipit is a backup script in bash. It does directory syncing, full and incremental backups. Backups are tarballs stored locally and sent on another server.
Tech: tar, find, sftp


Othello is an interactive Othello game with an AI. I did this for a project in an AI course at UPenn in 2004.
Tech: Python



MusicUtil is a set of tools to help normalize a large collection of music files in mp3 and flac format. It contains 3 command line tools. Capabilities include automatic convertion between flac, ogg and mp3, copying tags from one file format to another and building a directory of links to the best available quality for each song.
Tech: Python, Bash